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Sushi Assassin

Sushi Catering In San Diego

Experts in Japanese Cuisine
San Diego, CA 

  "We specialize in providing Live Sushi Bar Experiences for special events at your location. We prepare and serve fresh sushi on-site."                    .

Best sushi of San Diego


  Aaron Bishop, Chef/Owner


 We have a sushi chef prepare sushi at your Private or Corporates Events . It is a great way to add a memorable touch to any occasion.  We offer 3 different  services: 

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Buffet Style
13 - 1000 attendants

       A buffet-style sushi service involves customers serving themselves from various sushi dishes displayed on a table or dedicated space using our plateware. This self-service arrangement allows customers to sample different types of sushi and socialize while enjoying their sushi selections, making it convenient for larger groups and parties. You can customize your menu. Perfect for Cocktail Parties, Weddings, Conferences, Birthdays, etc.

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Sit Down Style
9 - 25 attendants

      We offer a personalized sit-down dining experience where you can have the chef's undivided attention in the comfort of your home or location—full-course meals: appetizers, main dish, and dessert concurrently delivered that you can customize to your liking. The Sit-down service is ideal for those who value privacy, exclusivity, and convenience. Perfect for small groups and intimate gatherings, like small weddings and corporate meetings.


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 Sit Down Omakase - (Leave it up to the chef) is a chef's choice tasting menu based on his preferences and available ingredients. Customers sit down and watch the chef prepare, present, and explain each dish piece behind the sushi case/bar in the comfort of their home or location. This service is for adventurous customers who want a different, unexpected, high-end Japanese, Californian, Mexican, French, and Italian fusion dining experience. 

Omakase Style
6 - 10 attendants

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Sushi Station Catering in San Diego

Why choose  us?


Affordable price & high-end services 

Exceptional service

Efficient and Clean


Ingredient full transparency

 Innovative presentation  

Stoneware & Porcelain plate ware

About Us

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            "At our sushi catering service, we take pride in offering the best of both worlds: affordable prices and exceptional high-end services tailored to your preferences. We understand that every event is unique and we believe that quality should never be compromised, regardless of the budget.

         Moreover, we go above and beyond to understand your specific requirements, preferences, and dietary restrictions. From beautifully crafted sushi platters to elegant table setups and attentive service, we meticulously plan and execute every detail to create an unforgettable dining experience.

      Our goal is to combine affordability with a touch of luxury, allowing you to enjoy the artistry and flavors of sushi without compromising on your vision for a high-end event.

     We invite you to explore our services and discuss your event details with our team. We are confident that we can provide you with the perfect balance of excellent value and personalized, top-tier service for your sushi catering needs."

                                                                                            Aaron E. Bishop,  Chef / Partner


"Our mission is to provide exceptional sushi catering experiences that delight and satisfy our customers while promoting community, sustainability, authenticity, and creativity. We strive to source only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, supporting our local community whenever possible. We honor traditional Japanese techniques and flavors while incorporating modern elements to create unique and innovative sushi offerings. Our commitment to education ensures that our customers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for sushi's cultural significance and proper etiquette. We are dedicated to continuously improving our practices and services, exceeding our customers' expectations, and contributing to the growth and success of the sushi industry."



To sourcing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients  to ensure that our customers have the best experience.


Respecting and honoring traditional Japanese techniques and flavors while incorporating modern elements.


A dedication to supporting our local community, by sourcing ingredients locally and supporting local organizations.


A commitment to reducing our environmental impact by using sustainable practices in sourcing, preparing, and serving .


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Service Area

San Diego County , California, United States

 Unincorporated Areas of San Diego County, CA

Orange county, CA

Los Angeles, CA

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